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Tire Rack is a customer-direct tire, wheels, car accessories distributor headquartered in South Bend, Indiana.

One angry customer wrote this about Tire Rack on Customersaffair: I ordered tires and wheels from Tire Rack. They came in wrong. Returned them. They credited me for 3 out of 4 tires and told me I damaged one and placed it on my car. My car has been in the shop and they were never on.


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Temporary Employee (Former Employee) says

"Be ready for an extremely tiresome and long day of work. Absolutely not worth the pay, easily the worst job conditions I have ever been in. The managers treat you like robots and majority of employees quit their first day or after a week. I have actually seen multiple people quit within the first few hours. Backbreaking work. The men who have been there for years have my utmost respect, but there are DEFINITELY much better opportunities out there."

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Tire Rack is the kind of company that you come in to clock in and clock out. There is not a structure to the departments and therefore there is no career advancement. There are flexible hours which makes it nice for family priorities but the majority of positions are hourly (when the employee has a title that should be salaried).Flexible ScheduleCulture, career path"

Shipping Associate (Former Employee) says

"Job was alright. You were basically a workhorse for a company that makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year and only wants to pay it's dedicated employees 10.00 an hour.it was a jobtemp work"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"good job to have while looking for something better. I personally did not have a great experience with the job but it might work for other just make sure you are physically fit"

Web QC design (Former Employee) says

"Do your due diligence before taking a programming or marketing job here. Toxic environment, poor middle management. Vague goals and communication via email only. Little to know training or support.benefitswork environment is not friendly at all"

Customer Service Rep/Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The job could have been better had it not been so stricken and would have paid more for the stress you were put on. The hard word we put in didn't even match the pay given to us..."

Verification Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Starred out loving my job but with poor supervisors & management who had their pets made it very hard on others as they were always looking for your faults & pointing them out - unless you were in their inter-circle then those that made major screw-ups nothing was said or done to them. If another employee stopped by in passing to say hi - manager of that department would shoo them away but if that happened to others a blind eye was turned. If you got up too many times to go to the restroom you were questioned. They gave you the third degree when being sick & going to the doctor twice in 4 days then wanted you to work late when sick -REALLY!!! Also had lost a parent so I had 2 funeral days & I needed an extra day to plan my fathers funeral & it was like pulling teeth - but my supervisor took 2 extra days when her father-INLAW passed & gave me grief for needing one extra day. If super busy they made you take shorter lunches.BenefitsPoor management, no room to grow, upper management is all family or close friends, they don't care about you only them the owners"

Stand up forklift operator (Former Employee) says

"Tire rack is great as far as pay. But as far as life outside of work . Very hard work with 1 break, but beside that it is lovely . To work because it's constant work ."

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"The Tire Rack use to be a wonderful place to work. Management has really hurt the family feel that they use to care so much about. The culture is bad, if you are seen talking and enjoying your work environment you are treated like a child. The manager will come over to see if you need somthing to do. Dont use the restroom to often, because you will be followed. It wasnt like this when I first started, but the office manager really ran the good ones out. She is very fake, and will talk to you as if she cares and then twist the information to use it against you. Unfortunatly she is grooming the next manager to be the same way. The owners are not like that, but have lost touch with the employees.the owners, the pay, the benefitsthe cons out weight the pros due to management. Guilt trips just to go to the doctor, they watch every move you make. management is fake."

unload trucks (Current Employee) says

"Not a good place too work. Its super hot and mandatory overtime. Overtime is cool but not mandatory for the pay. Been there long enough to know not to recommend anyone. Someone really like human resources needs too step in asapDiscount on tiresSweat shop"

Unloader/loader/stocker (Former Employee) says

"This job requires physically hard work but a typical day of work was usually harder. My experience there taught me how to deal with the worst of situations by working through it and my active listening became a legit and useful skill I acquired. The management was often unorganized and I believe the supervisors there could've did there jobs better. I met a few friends working there which made team work that much easier. The fact that I got to work out on break was probably the best and most enjoyable part of the job.One hour breaksNo insurance"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"no room for advancement. warehouse run like sweat shop. there is job security as long as you keep head down and work nonstop"

Loader/Unloader (Former Employee) says

"Most days i worked at tire rack, they’ve always seem cool to begin with then turn into people you don’t like when they’re around certain other people in there. but my coworkers are who made coming into work easy. if i could have coworkers similar to ones at tire rack i’ll be more than satisfied. supervisor was hateful at times and didn’t really care about their workers conditions. big red flag. great environment but not the best staffing."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Tire rack was always busy and had lots of work to where u couldn't even get a break to the rest room without getting backed up. They never had a set time when you get off it was just all bad at tire rackhr lunchnon stop work to where if u used the bathroom you can get fired"

Retail bay (Former Employee) says

"Gives a fake family oriented idea of the company. Only family that matters is the millionaire ones who run the place. Pay is extremely low for the amount of hours and days worked. Insurance was fantastic though(free medical to singles). The occasional employee appreciation event was cool. Employee raffles were clearly rigged so office workers won over actually grunts. OOverall.."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Great organization. This company does take care of their employees from a financial and benefits standpoint, although that is where it ends. Family ran organization with little to no room for advancement if you are not in the family circle. Ownership is greedy and profits are first priority over employees wants or needs.good benefits and paylong hours, no advancement potential"

general labor (Former Employee) says

"this job was meant for people who like to work and work hard. the daily routine was loading and unloading semi tire and various other types of tires off of semi trailersweight room, great benefits, and good payworked 12hrs a day 6 days a week"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"First month at tire rack was the hardest. Hard fast paced work. Start around 8am. One break at noon for an hour not paid. Then work from 1pm until the works done which is usually 6:30 until 8pm. You never know it's based on the orders and when you get them done. After a while the work is easy you body gets used to it. Decent pay $450 to $500 a week. Yearly raises you can get up to a dollar but you basically have to bust your butt all year long. I grew to love the people and the excited from being with the company seen a lot of different exotic cars. But left and I don't really miss it.Company perksOne break not paid. Back breaking work."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"The warehouse was very large and clean which was nice. I was taught how to do every job in the warehouse and did them well. Management did not see how one could help others in certain areas when they needed it. Pay was unsatisfactory.Learn about wheels/tires. CleanLow pay, no room to grow"

Tire Technician (Former Employee) says

"Great benefits and decent pay. Management is pretty horrible. Have open door policy which is nice. Though to often they play favorites. Lazy workers get all the easy breaks while hard working employees have to fight for time. Management is slow to make important decisions. Departments are stuck in pissimg contests due to a common platform for areas to agree on.Benefits, company appreciation days6 day work weeks with no set time off each day"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"VERY stressful, lack of proper training, management or others in department always looking for your mistakes or faults, no advancement unless you are family or close friends with owners. RUN!!!!! You will have no YOU or family life, they want you to work even when you are seriously ill"

Marketing says

"Management - horrible. They seem to think that all employees are interchangeable cogs in their machine. Absolute control freaks about everything - the things that do matter and the things that don't matter at all. Employees were supposed to communicate via email or IM only so that all communications could be monitored and make sure that no conversation was exchanged that was not about work. If you stopped by a coworker's desk for more than a minute or two, the head of marketing would immediately come over and insist to know what was happening. Truly it was like being in high school detention all the time. The level of professionalism was appallingly absent. Employees were not to think for themselves but to only do exactly what was assigned to them. No questions, no thinking, just mindless production."

Turrett Truck Driver says

"The Manager will Stab you in your Back every chance he gets"

Current Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"To summarize this it is almost everything to do with management and the way problems are handled. Typically you can expect no one in the upper management or HR to help you with a grievance or complaint about another employee or even a personal issue. Unless you are one of many people making the complaint they will ignore you. The warehouse managers care little about if you can take care of family or yourself outside of work. If your a temp you are literally nothing to these people but a number and it takes little to nothing for them to fire you. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place. Many of us will be leaving once we find better."

Former Employee - Turrett Truck Driver says

"Warehouse Managers are very poor"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"AWESOME WAREHOUSE MANAGER, but behind his back lots of office politics! they normaly hire internally so making it o the office is like hitting the jackpot. One day you could be slaving over a conveyer belt and the next minute you have your own office chair folding invoices. Office folk talk down on everyone that works outside of their AC cooled office. Very mean and judgemental people. I would have to entertain political debates and normal converstation that where just racist! Also i had to deal with a paranoid co-worker that kept checking my non existant criminal history because she was bored. P.s she was not HR, how did she get my personal info?????"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Family owned, family run, family promoted, double standards for family members -vs- non-family, no breaks allowed, no career advancement or opportunity unless you are "in" with the family, antiquated ways of running the business, pay is lousy."

Former Employee - Purchasing Support says

"Very dated system for purchasing (AS400). Work processes are extremely manual. Be prepared to work your fingers to the bone! IT department is a joke. Basically just there to limp AS400 through the 21st century... Pay is significantly low! $10k-$15k below market average. In other words you're paying for your own benefits, employee discounts, and then some... I never worked less than 50 hours a week. 10+ hours a day plus occasionally Saturdays. Impossible amount of work when it gets busy (winter time). During busy season I never went home feeling accomplished. BEWARE - office drama is extreme at Tire Rack. Mainly women who live and breathe drama. Management is extremely passive and easily manipulated. There is no room for advancement. No flex-time or incentives for doing extra. Hard workers will be overloaded. Teamwork is not a thing. Unless there is drama behind it."

Current Employee - Sales says

"Super long hours. Nights and weekends. Average pay"


"You can quickly run out of room to grow. Most of the people working at the Tire Rack have been doing so for years with little financial rewards. There is much advancement to be had unless you are a family member or friend of the family."

jva says

"Tire Rack's website directed me to an installer who doesn't do the install for my car. Not knowing this I had the tires shipped there, and then I had to either pay an additional fee to have the tires retrieved or beg a friend with sufficient resources to pick them up for me. Further, the "new" installer that subsequently installed the tires charged approximately 45% more, so I feel that this was a bait and switch. Customer service did not appear to care about either of these issues, I guess once the tires are out of their warehouse they aren't their problem any more. I likely won't use Tire Rack again, and I will recommend against with any friends."

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